Tips For First Dates For Guys: How To Make A Good First Impression

Tips for first dates for guys can be hard to come by. You want to make a good first impression, but you don’t want to come on too strong or be too forward. You want to be yourself, but you also want to be a gentleman. It can be a lot to keep track of, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check out our tips for making a good first impression on your first date.

Take time to get ready

Getting ready for a date is much different from just getting ready for a night on the town. You’ll need to take your time, plan out what you’re going to wear, and practice getting in and out of all your clothes. It’s also important to plan your outfit the night before. Try on everything you plan to wear the next day and make sure it fits. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and you have plenty of socks and underwear.

Grab an outfit that makes you feel good

The outfit you choose will also have a big impact on how you feel. If the shirt you put on is tight or too short, you may feel self-conscious, especially when you’re sitting down. If you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be more likely to feel confident as well.

Get all dolled up

When you head out on a first date, you’ll want to look your absolute best. Wear dress pants or nice shorts and a shirt with a collar, and bring a pair of nice shoes. It’s also a good idea to carry a wallet with some cash and maybe a card or two, and if you’re going to be driving, be sure to carry a cell phone with you. After all, no one wants to get stranded somewhere because they forgot to charge their phone!

Get your beauty sleep

You don’t want to look tired and you definitely don’t want to seem groggy on your date. If you’re not getting enough rest, you’re more likely to have bad thoughts and do or say things you don’t mean. Try getting at least seven hours of sleep each night and drink lots of water to help your skin look clear and bright.

Prepare your best smile

If you want to make a good impression, you should begin with a smile. Practice smiling in the mirror and aim for one that is genuine. You don’t want to appear to be trying to fake a smile—it will only backfire. Be sure to also smile at people you meet along your way to the date. It will put them at ease and help them feel more comfortable around you.

Be aware of your surroundings

You definitely don’t want to come off as creepy, but you also don’t want to seem unaware of your surroundings. You definitely don’t want to be the boy who stumbles and bumps into things or gets lost trying to find his way out of a crowded room.

tips for first dates for guys

Keep your car windows rolled up

It’s always a good idea to know where you are and be aware of your surroundings, so keep your windows rolled up when you drive around your date. If they’re driving, make sure you both keep your hands visible within easy reach of the doors. Be open, honest, and direct with your date about your driving habits and let them know that you’re responsible for driving. By showing your car seat’s awareness sign and following these simple safety guidelines, you can help to reduce the chance of an accident happening on your date.

Stay back

As a general rule, the farther away a woman is from you, the less she feels comfortable around you. If a woman feels comfortable enough to approach you, she might assume that she feels safe to do so. If she’s sitting farther away from you and you try to engage her, she may feel like she has to keep a safe distance from you. Keep your distance in the beginning of the date until you’re sure she feels comfortable around you.

Take advantage of seatbelts

It can be intimidating to sit in the back seat of a car, especially if it’s your first time. But, in order to feel safe, be sure to always buckle up. It may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t. If you’re worried about seeming like you’re trying to be “sexy,” be sure to talk to your date about your concerns. Chances are, they’re worried about you too.

Obey speed limits

It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, especially if you’re driving, that you may end up going faster than you should. Speed limits apply to everyone, especially in built up and busy areas, so make sure you pay attention. If you start to feel like you’re going too fast, slow down immediately to avoid any accidents or fines.

Drive sober

If you plan to drink alcohol, don’t drive. Even if you are only going to have one drink, it is best to leave the driving to someone else. The risk of causing an accident can be extremely high if you are under the influence. Besides, if you’re going to drink, you may want to call a cab or have a designated driver.

Do your research

You can never know too much about your date before you go on a date. The more you know about them the better. Check out their social media profiles and learn about their interests. You will also want to look at reviews from previous dates they may have had. If you like what you see, you can be more confident knowing that you will like them too.

tips for first dates for guys

The best way to find out which type of lighting to use in your home is to consult with an expert

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Keep your cool

In order to make a good first impression, it’s important to keep your cool during your first date. Don’t talk too much, especially about yourself. Instead, let your date talk and show interest in her before you start trying to take control of the conversation. If you’re worried about seeming quiet, practice the art of comfortable silence.

tips for first dates for guys

Keep your cool when calling for service

Let’s say your car breaks down on your date. You call your auto repair shop. You know they aren’t going to answer the phone personally, so you leave a detailed message. When the shop calls you back, be professional and calm. You don’t want to sound angry when they tell you they don’t have parts in stock and you’ll have to wait at least two days. It’s no fun to be treated like that on your first date. Be a man!

Explain the situation to your technician

If you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, let your technician know. It’s always a good idea to call before making the trip, just to be sure you don’t waste your time or your technician’s time. If the issue is a real emergency and your car needs to be towed, your technician will call the tow company for you, so it’s important to let them know the situation. When you call, be clear and detailed. Explain the situation in detail, your car’s make and model, the mileage on your car, and any other details that will help them arrive to your location as fast as possible.

If you encounter any issues, be sure to let your technician know

When you call a repairman, you expect them to show up and fix your problem. It doesn’t matter if you are having car trouble or need an electrician to fix your lighting in your home. The shop or technician must show up on time and be able to fix the issue. If a repairman keeps your date waiting, it will definitely be a bad first impression.

Be open and honest

Tell her about your passions, your fears and what intimidates you. And don’t just talk about your work—let her hear you sing, tell a funny story, show off your creative side. A good first date is one where neither of you feels like you’re being interrogated—let her know that you’re interested in getting to know her by sharing more about yourself.

tips for first dates for guys

Open and honest communication is often difficult, but it’s the only way to build trust with your client

It’s not always easy to talk to someone you don’t know well, especially when it comes to intimate conversations. But, the more you talk to your date, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and your relationship will grow. There are always ways to be honest without being insulting or hurting someone’s feelings, so be open and straightforward. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them! If they seem intimidating or confusing, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. You can also be upfront about what you want and expect from your date. Being honest will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and make sure you get exactly what you want.

It’s okay to admit you don’t know something

Never underestimate the importance of being honest. Be upfront about your lack of knowledge or experience in a particular area. If you struggle with public speaking, let your date know so they don’t expect you to be your charming best in front of a crowd. Being honest is not only good for your partner, but it also helps you learn how to better interact with others in the future!

Avoid giving advice unless you’re asked directly

One of the biggest mistakes guys make on first dates is giving unsolicited advice. Whether you’re offering relationship advice or tips on how to impress women, the best approach is to simply listen and offer the woman a chance to talk about herself and what she’s looking for in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and engage in genuine conversation.

Be honest about what you can and can’t do

If you’re planning to ask how long you can stay out, be honest about how much planning you’ve done. If you’re planning to drive, let her know your route and how long it will take. Be upfront about your schedule and what will happen if you have to return early. Be honest about what you can’t do. If your car smells funny, don’t pretend you don’t know. If your eyes are sensitive to the light, don’t say that you’re used to it or that it doesn’t bother you. Tell her the truth so she can decide if that’s a problem for her.

In conclusion, making a good first impression on a first date is important for guys. There are a few key things to keep in mind, such as being well-groomed, being a good listener, and having interesting things to say. Following these tips should help you make a good first impression and hopefully score a second date.