The Worst Dating Advice We’ve Ever Heard

Bad dating advice funnyWe’ve all been there. We’re out on a date, and things are going great. We’re laughing, we’re sharing stories, and we’re really hitting it off. Then, our date says something that completely throws us off. It might be something small, but it’s enough to make us question whether or not this is a good match.Unfortunately, bad dating advice is all too common. Whether it’s your well-meaning friends or your own misguided attempts at finding love, it’s easy to end up following advice that does more harm than good.To help you steer clear of dating disaster, we’ve rounded up the worst dating advice we’ve ever heard. Check out the rest of the article to see what you should avoid at all cost!

Don’t talk about your work

Whether it’s a job, a hobby, or something else entirely, it’s not the right context for a first date conversation. The woman you’re interested in doesn’t care about your career or what you do for a living—she cares about you. The conversation should be tailored to your date, not the other way around. As a result, if you talk about work, whether it’s your career or just a hobby, it can quickly turn from a romantic date to an interrogation. And who likes being interrogated on a date? Not your partner—and definitely not the woman you’re trying to impress.

Don’t talk about your daily work

If you’re looking to date someone who works in a similar field to you, you definitely don’t want to talk about your job. Your colleagues are people too, and it’s important that they not feel like you’re trying to recruit them for your team. Not only is it extremely annoying to talk about your work to your romantic partners in any context, but it also can be a red flag that you’re expecting a particular type of employee.

Unless it’s part of your job, don’t talk about your work at home

If you talk about work at home, it implies that you’re not focusing on your romantic relationship, and it implies that you expect your partner to also be focused on work instead of on you. Your partner is more likely to feel smothered if you talk about work at home, especially if they’re trying to focus on you. Remember that your partners love you for who you are, and they’re not interested in watching you work all day long.

Don’t bring your work home

While it can be fun to discuss your day with your partner, bringing work into the bedroom can have some pretty serious repercussions. You could be discussing a deal that could benefit one of you while you’re having sex. Or, you could be discussing work that could impact your personal life. The more you talk about your work, the more you’re exposing yourself to the idea that your partner could be discussing your work outside of the bedroom. It can also cause your work to take over your personal life, making it difficult to focus on things that don’t have to do with work.

No office gossip

You’ve heard it before: it’s not what people say but how they say it. But when it comes to office gossip, it’s definitely the latter. Believe it or not, the people who spread the most office gossip are the ones who are the most dissatisfied with their jobs. This isn’t because they’re bad at their jobs—in fact, they’re often incredibly talented. But when they talk at work, they’re doing it because they want to feel like they’re part of a group or because they’re bored. And if the only thing they have to talk about is the latest headlines or who’s dating who, they’ll just go find another way to spend their time.

Don’t tell them about your hobbies

Your hobbies aren’t the most important thing about you, and it’s a pretty common mistake to mention how you spend your time to attract a romantic partner. But, when you talk about your hobbies, it puts the focus on you instead of on your partner. And who do you want to attract? Someone who cares about you, or someone who cares about themselves?

bad dating advice funny

Don’t tell them when you’re working on a side project

If you tell your date that you are working on a side project, they’re likely going to ask you about it. And when they do, you’re going to have to talk about your experience and provide valuable advice. Who knows, you might even be able to sell your idea to them! But instead of bringing up your side hustle, talk about your other interests and what you’re passionate about. They’ll be much more interested in learning about you through those conversations than you will in learning about them through your work.

No matter what you do, someone is going to judge you for it

It doesn’t matter if your hobby is baking or solving Sudoku puzzles—if you’re not into the idea of being judged by others, you won’t enjoy it. It’s impossible to have an authentic connection with someone if you’re constantly afraid of their reaction. If your partner is overly critical of your hobbies, you need to understand that their opinions don’t matter and that you don’t need their approval.

Unless your side project is a family-friendly endeavor, it can come off as a little strange

There are a lot of ways to show a potential partner that you have a good personality and a sense of humor, but one of the easiest is by sharing a hobby that you have to show off. Whether it’s fly fishing or woodworking, it can be really fun to share these hobbies with your partner. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have a hobby that the two of you can do together. After all, we all know how boring it can be to sit around and watch Netflix all day, so why not do something fun together?

Don’t tell them about your family

Your parents are people, not objects. They deserve to be treated with respect and have their feelings taken into consideration. If you discuss your family to make your dates feel closer to you, you’re actually doing the opposite. Tell them about you as a person by sharing activities you enjoy and the things you love, and let them learn about your family on their own.

bad dating advice funny

Unless you have a really compelling story to tell, it’s best to stick with small talk

When you talk about your family, you risk them feeling like they’re being judged or even used as a means to an end. If you have an interesting story to share, feel free to mention it, but otherwise, keep your family out of the conversation. Not only will this help you avoid awkward situations, but it will also help you better understand how your date feels about your family.

Avoid saying that you have a kid or two

It’s a lot easier to ask someone how many kids they have than to mention you have one yourself. And while it might seem like a harmless question, it can make someone feel like you’re expecting them to have children. That’s not how dating works. You’re there to learn more about the other person, not to judge whether or not they’re a good parent.

Skip the “mommy and me” photos

If you want to show your mom how much you love her, send her a card or call her, not post a photo of you and your toddler on Instagram. Your mom knows that you are her baby, and she doesn’t need any more reminders of how much she loves you. It’s perfectly fine to include your partner in photos of the three of you (more on that below), but don’t use your relationship as a way to make your mom feel special.

Downplay your salary

Not only can a financial discrepancy cause tension in a relationship, it can also lead to resentment. Your partner may have grown up in a different economic situation than you did and feel as if they are sacrificing to date you. When you talk about your finances, be sure to present your earnings in a way that doesn’t make them feel like you are trying to impress them, e.g., by putting your paystubs on your resume or by listing your annual salary.

Don’t talk about your health

You want your date to know that you’re a person before you’re a disease or a diagnosis. Talk to your doctor about what health conditions you have and how they affect you, but only when you feel comfortable doing so. Never discuss your health when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Your date can’t help you with your issues, and bringing them up could make them feel uncomfortable or even pity you.

Don’t tell them about your sexual preferences

Just because you like sex with women or men or with both, that doesn’t mean you’re bisexual or homosexual. It’s not your job to judge your partners’ sexual orientation. Tell them what you like and expect that they should tell you what they like and expect. If they don’t want to have sex at all, that’s fine. They still deserve to know about what you’re looking for.

bad dating advice funny

It’s none of their business

If you tell people about your sexual preferences, you run the risk of people using it against you. For example, if you’re bisexual but date only straight people, someone you date might spread the gossip that you’re a “player.” Or if you’re a lesbian, someone you date might tell their parents you’re bisexual just to embarrass you. People are more likely to believe that you’re sexually adventurous if you don’t tell them about your sexual preferences, and that can have major repercussions when you’re trying to have a relationship.

They don’t want to hear it

Are you bisexual? Asexual? Pansexual? A man who’s attracted to women might not be able to relate to a guy who only likes women, and a woman who’s only interested in men might not be able to relate to a bisexual woman. It’s not because they don’t care—it’s because they don’t want to hear about it. A person’s sexual history is none of your business, especially if they’re looking for a relationship.

It will make you feel uncomfortable

We all have sexual hang-ups, and we all love to talk about them. Your sexual hang-up is not their problem, and while it may seem like a harmless way to express yourself, it can make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Tell your partners what you like and what you don’t like, and let them decide if they are willing to stick it out with you. You may be surprised to find out how many people are just like you!

They don’t care

Some people are just not that interested in sex, and neither are you. You’re not interested in learning how to please a partner or doing things you don’t want to do. It doesn’t mean you’re broken or have something wrong with you. It just means you have a different sexual preference than most people do.

It’s none of their business

People have different sexual interests, and it’s not always easy for someone to know what you like. Even if they do have a good idea of what you like, it’s not their job to tell you what you should be doing. If you decide to have sex with someone, that’s your choice. While your sexual preferences may make you feel embarrassed or ashamed, you deserve to have sexual encounters with people who you’re attracted to and who are interested in you.

Don’t tell them about your past relationships

The problem with sharing your past relationship history is that it can make you feel like you’re comparing your current partner to the others. And before you know it, you’re getting all defensive and hurt that your current partner can’t live up to the others you’ve had in the past. That’s not fair to your partner or to yourself. Your current partner is with you because they want to be, not because they’re trying to replace someone else. If you’re looking to compare your partners, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

bad dating advice funny

A one-night stand can be a great way to get your sexual desires met, but it’s important to keep those stories to yourself

I’ve heard this one so many times it hurts my brain: If you want to have sex with someone, just sleep with them. It’s that simple! But it’s so much more than that. Sexual attraction is so much more than physical attraction; it’s also about the way you feel about someone. It’s the way you talk to them, think about them, and want to spend time with them. It’s not something you can just have whenever you want, and it’s definitely not something you can just fake. When you tell people about your past partners and sex adventures, it makes you seem less like a real person and more like a sexual object.

Not only will this make you seem less appealing, it will also make your current relationship seem more serious

Every relationship involves a little bit of an “apprenticeship” period, when you learn more about your partner and yourself. It is important to discover how compatible you are with your partner and how you can best support each other in your relationship, especially when you’re learning the ropes. While your past romantic relationships can be a great learning experience, bringing them up in the context of your current relationship is a huge mistake. It will make your current relationship seem more serious and will cause your partner to wonder if you want a serious relationship with them. Instead of bringing up your past relationships as a way to learn more about your current partner, ask your partner about their past relationships and how they felt about them.

Your partner may not think that your past relationships were bad, but they will definitely think that you’re not putting all your effort into this one

When you start to talk about your past relationships it can put your current partner on edge, so if you’re looking to date a guy who is more open-minded, don’t talk about your previous partners. If you want to tell your partner about your past relationships, do it in the context of how it made you grow and made you realize what you want in a relationship, not as proof that you were a terrible person in the past.

In conclusion, the worst dating advice we’ve ever heard is to take things slow and not to rush into things. What do you think? Is this the worst dating advice you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments below!