Southern Mama Dating Advice: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

Southern mama dating advice: The do’s and don’ts of dating. It can be tough to get back out there and date after having kids. You’re not sure what the protocol is and you don’t want to screw it up. Here are some tips from a southern mama on the do’s and don’ts of dating. Read on for the rest of the article.

Do ask for a kiss

A kiss is an easy and fun way to start a date. A kiss says you’re interested and shows how much you care about that person. You don’t have to jump straight into sex to know how attracted you are to someone. You can also learn more about a person by kissing them. If you like how they kiss, you may like how they kiss in other ways.

The First Time We Kissed Was At A Dance

Whether it was your first kiss or not, chances are you still have a good memory of the moment. Maybe you felt nervous and thought you’d never measure up, but when your date leaned in and planted a kiss on your cheek as the slow song ended, you felt giddy and totally in love.

We Were Nervous, But We Both Wanted It

Being in a relationship is a great way to learn how to trust your partner. However, it’s also important to learn how to trust yourself. If your date is nervous about asking for a kiss, it’s a good idea to reassure them that it’s normal. Just because you weren’t comfortable asking for a kiss before doesn’t mean they won’t like getting a kiss from you.

We Wanted To Wait Until Marriage, But We Were Too Impatient

There’s no shame in changing your mind about how you feel about marriage or dating. But when you expect one thing and get something different, it can be rather jarring. If you really want to know if your partner is the one, be willing to wait. Even if they say yes, there might be something about your relationship that doesn’t feel quite right.

It Was A Huge Moment, But It Wasn’T Perfect

We’re not going to tell you that you should or shouldn’t try to kiss every single person you date. However, there are definitely some red flags that you should look out for when it comes to the kiss. If a guy you date doesn’t ask for a kiss, that’s a pretty clear sign that he’s not interested in a relationship. If a guy takes things too slowly and doesn’t kiss you for months, it’s likely that he’s not comfortable with the idea of sex or a serious relationship.

Always use protection

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself when you’re dating is to always use protection. Condoms are your number one line of defense against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms also offer extra protection for your penis and your partner’s vagina by helping to reduce the risk of tearing during sex.

Southern Mama Dating Advice

Condoms Can Be Purchased At Most Drugstores, Or Have Them Delivered To Your Door For Free From Planned Parenthood

Condoms are one of the easiest ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. It may seem intimidating to try a new brand or size, but a condom doesn’t need to break the mood if it’s not for you. It also doesn’t hurt to talk to your partner about what they like in terms of condoms and what they don’t like.

Use A Condom Every Time You Have Sex

Always use a condom. Condoms are the only form of birth control that protects you from sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Using a condom will also help you not spread STD’s to your partner. Condoms are available at most drugstores and some grocery stores, so learn where to get them and how to put them on.

Choose The Right Condom For Your Needs

Some condoms last longer than others, and some are thinner than others. You don’t want to use a condom that feels too tight or that tears easily. And if your penis is especially long or floppy, you might want a longer-lasting condom to help prevent the condom from slipping off. But it’s important to be aware that condoms sometimes break, so always be prepared to switch condoms if the fit isn’t right.

Don’t pressure your date

It’s perfectly fine to let your date know where you’re planning to go or what you have in mind, but don’t force them into a certain place or a specific activity if they’re not interested. If they seem hesitant about something you suggest, that’s a good sign that they might not be interested in pursuing that activity with you. Don’t pressure your date or force them to do something they aren’t interested in doing just to make you feel more comfortable.

Southern Mama Dating Advice

Don’T Call Or Text Excessively

There’s no need to call or text your date every hour. If you are interested in them, they will call or text you when they’re ready. The same goes for sending them a bunch of messages. If they don’t want to talk to you, they’re going to let you know pretty quickly. Just because they didn’t respond right away doesn’t mean they’re not interested. You will absolutely want to check in with them. But you don’t need to text or call every hour to make sure they’re still interested.

Don’T Pressure Your Date To Come Home With You

Just as you wouldn’t pressure your parents to let you go out with friends, don’t pressure your date to come with you. It’s perfectly fine if they want to stay at your place, or if they don’t want to go at all. Make sure your partner knows that you’re interested in them as a person, not just their body, and that they have complete control over how they spend time with you.

Don’T Suggest Going Home Right Away

It can be incredibly intimidating for a woman to take the lead in a sexual encounter, especially when she hasn’t been with anyone in a while. Even if she’s interested in you, she might not want to rush into sex the first time you meet. Instead, she’ll feel more comfortable if you take things slowly and show her that you’re not pressuring her. Let her guide the sexual experience. Focus on her physical and emotional comfort, not on how fast you want to go.

Be Calm And Respectful

The key to being a good date is to be calm and respectful. Even if you’re feeling a little nervous, it’s important to remain calm and composed and to keep the conversation going. If you’re speaking about politics, be willing to listen to your date’s opinions and discuss them with an open mind. If you have strong feelings about a certain issue, be willing to hear your date express their opinions and discuss the pros and cons of each side in an effort to understand where they’re coming from.

Don’t talk about your ex

The discussion of your past relationships should not happen until you’re comfortable with the present relationship. If you don’t like what you have with your current partner, you won’t want to talk about your romantic past with anyone else. Let your current partner know that you’re interested in them and that the past relationship is over and done with. They may be interested in you as well or maybe they’re just a friend.

Southern Mama Dating Advice

Avoid Mentioning Your Former Partner Directly, Especially In Casual Conversation

If you’re really serious about someone and want to explore a relationship with them, the last thing you want to do is to bring up your breakup. No matter how long ago you broke up, you still have feelings and you don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face. Avoid bringing up your ex at all costs. You can talk about your past relationship in more detail and with more people in a different setting. For example, you can discuss your relationship with your close friends and your parents, but don’t do it casually around your date.

The Less You Say About Your Relationship, The Better

Whether you’re still hurting from your breakup or just want to move on and forget about that guy you dated, it’s always best to not talk about your relationship with your potential partners. The more you talk about your relationship, the more it is likely to pop up in conversation and rekindle feelings you don’t want to feel.

Avoid Romanticizing Your Breakup

A relationship is like a house: it needs remodels, it needs repairs, and it needs to be taken apart and rebuilt from time to time so that it can continue to serve you well. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your ex was to you in the beginning—if they don’t fit into your life anymore, it’s time to let them go. You can’t change them, and dwelling on the good memories of your relationship will only make you miss them more. Focus on the strength and joy of a new relationship and leave the old one behind.

In conclusion, remember the do’s and don’ts of dating and you’ll be sure to have a good time. Be yourself, be respectful, and have fun!