Online Dating Tips: Redditors Share Their Best Advice

Online dating tips reddit- this is a topic that has been on my mind for a while now. I have been single for a while and I have been thinking about online dating. I have never done it before and I am not sure if it is for me. I have heard so many horror stories about online dating. I have also heard some success stories. I am not sure what to believe. I am thinking about giving it a try but I don’t know if I am ready. I have been told by some people that I should try it and by other people that I should stay away from it. I don’t know what to do.If you are thinking about online dating, or are currently online dating, then you should check out this article. Redditors share their best advice when it comes to online dating.

Ask about their family

If your date is super quiet about their family, it’s best to ask in a natural way about them. But be careful about how you ask. Don’t make it sound like you’re suspicious or prying; just make it a casual question to learn more about them. And if you’re really interested, you can always ask their mom or dad how they are

Who do they love the most?

It’s important to know what’s important to each other when it comes to love. What gets them excited and makes them feel safe? What do they need in a relationship? Try to find things that you love about them and incorporate them into your conversations. It might take time, but if you truly are interested in them, you will want to know more about them.

What are their hobbies?

Are they into sports? Do they love to travel? What activities do they enjoy doing in their free time that are so fun? You can learn a lot about people by what they like to do, and the more you know about someone, the better off you’ll be when you try to date them.

What do they want to be when they grow up?

The first thing that you could ask your potential date about is their future career plans. Do they want to do something that they’ve always wanted to do? For example, if you’re interested in a woman who wants to be a writer, you could ask her what she hopes to accomplish in the future. You could also ask your date about their educational goals and ambitions.

What are their favorite things to do?

It’s important to know what they like to do and what they like to talk about. Ask them what their favorite things to do are and how they spend their free time. When they’re at home, what do they do to relax? These questions can help you learn more about them. You can also talk to them about their interests, what hobbies they have or want to try, or ask them what things they love to do in their free time.

What are their goals?

A question that every date should ask is, “What are your goals for our relationship?” If they answer with “I just want to get laid,” you know that they are not looking for a serious relationship. If they mention something about getting serious, then you know that you can expect to spend more time with them.

Explore common interests

One of the easiest ways to build a connection with someone you meet online is by discussing your mutual interests. Whether it’s your favorite TV show or your favorite book, it’s important to find a way to let your partner know how much you enjoy things they enjoy. While this can be a little intimidating, it’s important to not talk about your interests in a way that makes the other person feel intimidated or like an expert. Instead, talk about your interests in a way that lets your partner know that you like to learn about what they like and talk about it with them.

online dating tips reddit


One of the things that can make online dating feel more comfortable is sharing a common interest. We all know how hard it can be to get to know people, so any way that can help you break the ice is a good one! That said, one of the best ways to find common interests is to talk about your favorite sports. Whether you’re a lifelong athlete or new to the game, asking people about their favorite sports or finding a local team to watch together can help you make a connection with someone you might not have met otherwise.


The most obvious example of a hobby that you can pursue online is finding like-minded people to do the hobby with! For example, if rock climbing is your thing, take a look at the r/climbing subreddit to see if you can find other people who love it and are looking for a climbing partner. These are great ways to make new friends and practice a hobby you already love!


Pets are a great way to get to know a person more intimately and talk about your lives. People who are animal lovers are more likely to be compassionate and caring. If you’re not a pet person, don’t let that stop you from looking! Everybody’s different and that’s a quality that many people find attractive.


If you love to travel, you’re sure to find fellow travelers among reddit’s dating community and the best part is there’s no need to search extensively. You can just browse through the different travel subreddits and hop on a conversation thread that sparks your interest. A lot of travelers post photos of their adventures and you can ask them questions about their favorite spots or even offer advice about where you should visit next.

Don’t be a creep

Not getting a response to your messages doesn’t mean you should change your approach. But if you keep sending messages to women, expecting them to respond, you’re bound to be disappointed. To avoid seeming like a stalker, be friendly but not overly chatty. Ask questions that make the conversation more of a discussion, not a Q&A. Let the woman lead the conversation. When you respond to someone, keep it simple and short. Don’t type a long paragraph about what you want to say. And if you’re not getting any responses or very slow responses, take a break. If you can’t get any responses, it’s because you’re not sending the right messages. It’s time to start over with a new profile picture and a new approach.

online dating tips reddit

Don’t ask personal questions

Online dating is all about getting to know someone, so asking personal questions is a great way to show an interest in a potential date. However, if you’re not careful, instead of getting to know your date better, you could end up making them feel uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a casual fling, there are plenty of questions you shouldn’t ask. For example, don’t ask a woman if she has any tattoos or piercings if you don’t want her to feel like you’re trying to judge her.

Don’t make unwanted sexual comments

No matter what kind of conversation you’re having, sexual comments are a turnoff. If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, make sure that you don’t cross any lines by making unwanted sexual comments. The same goes for online dating. You don’t want to come off as someone who is only interested in sexual interactions. Keep the conversation fun and light, and make sure you’re not making any comments that could lead to an awkward moment for your date.

Don’t ask for personal information

If you don’t want to give personal info, don’t ask for it. There are plenty of questions you can ask to get a date without exposing your phone number or address. For example, ask for their favorite date spot. Or, if you want to be a little more direct, ask questions about what they’re looking for in a relationship. If you’re really interested in them, they’ll be more likely to respond to your questions.

Keep your distance

Online dating can be intimidating, especially when you’re meeting someone new and the attraction is strong. But one way to make sure you’re not being a creepy online dater is to keep a safe distance between yourself and the people you’re interested in. If you are interested in someone and you see them online, it’s a good idea to wait until they contact you first. This gives you a chance to decide whether or not you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with them. It also helps to remind you of how important your safety is to you and how important it is to protect yourself online!

Be proactive

The best way to get attention? Start a conversation! That’s it. Don’t wait for someone to contact you first. If you’re not getting any messages, don’t sit around wondering why. Put yourself out there and start a conversation. Put your phone down and talk to the people around you. The more you talk to people, the better you’ll become at flirting. And the better at flirting you become, the more people will want to talk to you!

online dating tips reddit

Create a comprehensive web presence

If you want to attract someone online, you need to show the world who you are. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are great for showing off your family and interests, but they don’t give people a good idea of your personality. The more information you put out there about yourself, the easier it will be for other people to get to know you. Set up a website and fill it with all of your fun facts and interests. People who are interested in getting to know you will be more likely to message you if you put yourself out there a little more.

Build your online reputation

One way to build an online dating reputation is to answer questions about yourself and your interests. This allows people to learn more about you, and it can also help you weed out the people who aren’t really interested in you. If you’re interested in other people, make sure you answer their questions about themselves as well. People value honesty, so if a date doesn’t answer a question for you, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask why.

Invest in quality content

A great way to get noticed on online dating sites is by creating high-quality content. Posting pictures of yourself does not make you a better person. If you want to find love, put your personality into your content and you will attract quality connections.

Try out a free dating site

If you’re not quite ready to make that commitment, free online dating sites can be a great way to dip your toes in the water. You can see if you like the experience of online dating without the pressure of feeling obligated to date anyone who’s available. If you’re not sure which one to try, experts suggest taking a look at the list of the top 10 best free dating sites.

online dating tips reddit

Free sites are a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle

You can try out a bunch of different sites to find your perfect match. No matter what your interests or preferences are, there is bound to be a free dating site that can help you find your perfect match. These sites are great for people who are new to the world of online dating as they offer a low-pressure environment where you can meet new people without the pressure of going to a physical location to meet them.

Dating apps are great for meeting people in your area who are looking for a casual date

If you’re looking for something more serious, apps are not the right place to start. But if you’re just looking for a casual date, online dating apps are the perfect place to start. You can easily search by area and find people nearby to meet up with. There are plenty of apps out there, so the competition is pretty high. Use some of the advice from this list to help you to find the best one for you!

You might find someone who shares your interests, and you can chat with them without worrying about how you’ll pay for the date

Sites such as and eharmony require you to answer questions about all sorts of things, from your favorite ice cream flavor to the color of your favorite dress. If you’re not particularly interested in learning more about the people you might be interested in dating, a free site is the perfect place to start.

Paid dating sites and apps usually have higher profiles and better search features, so you’re more likely to find people you want to date

Online dating sites and apps like Tinder,, eHarmony, and OkCupid are great tools for finding a relationship, but they’re not without downsides. If you’re looking to pay to meet someone, it might help to know if the site or app has a better chance of helping you find a relationship you want.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for some great online dating tips, be sure to check out Reddit. You can find some great advice from people who have a lot of experience with online dating. Be sure to take action on their advice and you’ll be sure to find success in your online dating endeavors.