First Date Advice For Teens Who Want To Have A Great Time

First date teenage advice can be hard to come by. You want to have a great time, without coming off as desperate or clingy. You also want to be yourself, but not too much of yourself. It can be a lot to take in, which is why we’ve compiled some first date advice for teens who want to have a great time. Check out the rest of the article for tips on how to make your first date a success.

Choose a safe, fun venue

It’s important to choose a venue that feels safe and fun for both of you, but it’s especially important that the venue is safe for you if you’re on your first date with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. The right venue will help ensure that you have a great time and will make you feel more comfortable.

Some venues will charge a fee for parking, especially if the parking is particularly limited

Even if your first date doesn’t include a lot of activities, you still want to be able to get to your car if you need to! If the venue you’re planning on going to requires that you drop off and then walk around to enter, make sure you know how to get to the parking lot safely. Some venues may even have valet parking options

Make sure the venue you choose is appropriate for kids

If you’re planning to host your party at a restaurant or coffee shop, you might want to consider how many kids would be around and if your young guests would be comfortable. If the kids would rather hang out at home, or if you want to have fun with them at a restaurant, that’s okay too! As long as everyone is comfortable with the situation, you won’t regret your choice.

Keep your children close by

It’s always a good idea to let your children know where you’re going and with whom you’ll be with before you go so they can plan to be with their parents or other responsible adults. If your teenager is old enough, you might want to have them pay or even drive you to the date. It’s also a wise idea to let your children know what to do if you’re going to be late.

Check the age minimums for the venue and the event

If you’re planning on going to a venue that has a specific age minimum, check if the event you’re planning to go to is also restricted by age. If you’re planning on taking a teenager to a formal event, make sure it’s one they would be comfortable attending.

first date teenage advice

Some venues set a minimum age for alcohol sales

If you are planning to have alcohol on the premises, be sure to check the venue’s minimum age requirements for alcohol before you book your venue. Most venues either set the age at 21 or require proof of age when purchasing alcohol. Be sure to ask if this is the case for your venue as well. If the venue does not allow people under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol, you may want to look for another venue.

You can check the venue’s website or call them directly to find out if there is any age minimum for alcohol sales

Even if they do not advertise the age minimum for alcohol, it’s still important to ask the venue. Sometimes venues will still sell alcohol to those under the age of 21 if they have a fake ID, so it’s a good idea to ask if this will be the case. For example, if you’re planning on having a cocktail at the venue or bringing an open container of alcohol from a different location, it’s a good idea to check with the venue beforehand.

Even if you are underage, you can bring a “buddy” to help you purchase a drink

Even if you are under the legal drinking age, it’s possible to get a drink at your venue. Just make sure that you have a designated person accompanying you to help you get drinks if necessary. You will need to be able to prove to the venue staff that you are underage in order to drink alcohol.

If you are underage, you can still purchase food from the venue

If you are under the age of 21 and want to attend a venue that offers food, you will need to check the age minimum for the venue. Most venues will have a minimum age requirement of 21 for food and drink sales. However, there are some venues that will allow minors to purchase alcohol if they have a valid ID, and will allow minors to have access to food. The venue you choose will be dependent on if alcohol is allowed.

Inform your parents in advance

It’s not a bad thing to let your parents know you’re going out with someone, especially if they’re not extremely close with your partner or you. Let your parents know where you’re going, who you’re with, and how long you’re going to be gone. The more you can talk to them about your romantic life, the better it will be for you. After all, parents are people too! They just have a different perspective.

first date teenage advice

Let your parents know that you are responsible for all activities you participate in, including school and sports, whether they’re with other kids or not

Your parents likely have a lot of thoughts on how and where you spend your time, and it’s important to be honest with them about your activities. Even fun activities can be a distraction if they involve alcohol or drugs — consider how your parents will feel if they find out you are even considering that. A great way to show your parents you’re responsible is by setting boundaries with your activities — be clear that you are the boss of what you do and how you spend your time, and they will be more likely to trust your judgment.

Talk to your parents about how to keep in touch with you if you’re not at home or you go out of town for a few days

If you’re not at home or your parents aren’t able to check in with you every day, talk to them about how best to reach you in case something happens. It’s important that they have a way to keep in touch with you and know where you are. Your parents can also set up a specific cell phone number for you to call in case of an emergency where you can’t call 911. Make sure to discuss all of these options with them so that they feel comfortable and are willing to help. Be sure to have all these numbers with you when you’re out and about and let them know where you are at all times.

Tell your parents what to do if they don’t hear from you

If you don’t hear from your date, it’s perfectly normal. This doesn’t mean they’re not interested! Maybe your parents are just trying to be overprotective and you don’t want to talk about the details of your life. Or maybe they’re just not comfortable with your dating life? Whatever the reason, let them know that you’re responsible for your actions and that you will call them if you need to. They might be a little more relaxed about your dating life if they know you have a way to get in touch if you need to.

Talk to your parents about alcohol

We all know someone who has a drink or two on their first date to loosen up. But while this may seem harmless, it can actually lead to making bad decisions. You don’t want to end up feeling sick or regret your actions the next day. If your parents have expressed concerns about your alcohol use, it’s a good idea to talk to them. You may be surprised to find out that they have similar worries so it’s important to discuss them. Remember that your parents aren’t trying to control you—they just want to make sure you’re safe.

first date teenage advice

Talk to your parents when you are an early teenager

The best time to talk to your parents is when you’re around 13 or 14 years old. At this age, you will have a better understanding of how much alcohol is appropriate on a date and will be more willing to talk to them about the consequences of underage drinking. In addition, by discussing the importance of responsible drinking and the potential dangers of alcohol with your parents when you are younger, you will be more likely to remember to practice responsible drinking when you’re an adult.

Ask your parents how they felt about their own drinking

We all know what a buzz alcohol gives. And while your parents might have been the ones to encourage you to have a drink when you were a teen, they may not have been so quick to give you another alcoholic drink when you were already feeling ill. Let your parents know how they felt about their own drinking as a teen and how that affected their relationship with their parents. Maybe you can learn from their mistakes and help your parents guide you down a different path.

Discuss your parents’ concerns about what might happen to you if you drink

It’s a conversation you should have with your parents before you even start to date. If you haven’t already, sit down and have a conversation with them about alcohol, underage drinking, and the dangers of binge drinking. The more you talk about it, the better off you’ll be. Then you can discuss how you’re going to handle yourself when you’re out and about with your date.

In conclusion, if you want to have a great first date, then follow this advice for teens. Make sure you are well prepared, be yourself, and have fun!