First Date Advice For Ladies: What You Need To Know

First date advice for ladies redditYou’re going on a first date with a guy you met online. You’re excited, but also a little nervous. What should you wear? What should you talk about? And most importantly, what should you do to make sure you have a good time?Check out the rest of this article for first date tips that will help you make a great impression and enjoy yourself.

Your first date should be casual

You want to show the other person that you can have a good time and aren’t too serious about a first date. If they’re expecting you to arrive in a fancy dress or high heels, they’re not going to be happy. Instead, be comfortable with who you are and take them out for an evening of fun and drinks.

Avoid dressing up too much

If you’re planning to get dressed up, take a look at your closet and find something that looks good but isn’t super flashy or overly formal. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear a designer dress or high heels to feel sophisticated—in fact, a more casual outfit can make you feel more approachable.

Choose a casual restaurant

The food is one of the more important things on your date, so be sure to choose somewhere that your date will be comfortable with. Try a casual diner for lunch or dinner, or even go to a local coffee shop to enjoy a light snack. After all, you don’t want to be stressing about the menu when you’re trying to impress your new date! Just be sure that if you’re planning to take your date somewhere more upscale, that you’re comfortable with their dress code as well.

Don’t bring up work or school

You don’t want to appear overeager, so if you want to talk about your job or school, wait until the conversation naturally flows. If you bring up your job or studies too soon, it could make your date feel uncomfortable or like you’re desperate to change the conversation to something lighter.

Avoid heavy talk

The idea of small talk is to get to know each other, learn what you like and don’t like, and determine whether you have a connection or not. While it’s important to have small talk, you don’t want to overdo it. People are more likely to remember a good experience than an awkward one, so make sure you don’t go overboard with your conversations. You don’t want to talk about your favorite TV show or the latest sports game — it’s important to find something in common.

first date advice for ladies reddit

Keep your tone conversational

If you tend to talk too much, then you definitely don’t want to bring up a bunch of personal details in the early stages of your date. Instead of dominating the conversation, let your date guide and direct the topic of the conversation. Try to ask plenty of questions, and keep the conversation light and easygoing. While it’s important to keep the conversation going, make sure you’re still paying attention to what your date is saying and paying attention to your own feelings and body language.

Avoid complicated subjects

While you don’t want to dive right into deep, heavy subjects on a first date, neither do you want to talk about the weather and your favorite food. Talk to your date about lighter subjects that are more casual and less intimidating.

Avoid personal stories

If you want to get to know your date better, avoid personal stories. For example, if you’re an avid runner and love to tell others about your latest ultra-marathon, don’t bring it up on your first date. If your date is into food, don’t talk about your latest food experience or all the restaurants you want to try out. In the same way, if you’re into music, don’t talk about your favorite artists or the latest albums you want to listen to.

Stay on topic

When you’re on a date, it’s easy to get comfortable and start talking about more personal subjects. That’s fine, but it’s important to remember that the purpose of a first date is to get to know each other better. So, if you start to talk about your divorce or how you lost your job before you even exchange phone numbers, it’s going to throw your date off. Talk about things that you both have in common, things that you both like, or specific hobbies. Try not to make the first date about your personal life. After all, most people want to learn more about you as a person, not simply learn about your divorce or how you lost your job.

Keep things light

Maybe one of the most important things to remember when it comes to first date advice for women is to keep things light. If you’re both nervous about getting together, it’s not going to make for a very romantic evening. Remember that the point of a first date is to get to know each other better and to have fun!

first date advice for ladies reddit

Bring something funny to work

If you want to keep your conversation flowing, then you definitely don’t want to be stumping for something to say. Bring along a book or a fun activity that will stimulate conversation. If you want to be really daring, take along a joke book or some funny cards to share with your coworkers. But be careful not to make it too obvious that you are trying to make someone laugh.

Bring a prop

A fun way to break the ice is by bringing a prop. A fun way to break the ice is by bringing a prop. Whether it’s a stuffed animal, a joke book, or even a board game, bringing along something that the two of you can share a little bit of lighthearted fun with will help to ease the tension of a first date. Plus, if you’re the one who brings the prop, it lets the other person know that you’re not looking for a deep conversation, just a fun night out.

Bring along your pet

Everybody knows how cute puppies and kittens are, but bringing along your furry friend to the first date can also help you break the ice. If your date is just as into your pet as you are, you can spend some time together bonding over your mutual love of animals. Plus, it can be a great ice-breaker to ask your date about their own pets and how they’re taken care of.

Bring in a musical instrument

A great way to show your partner that you’re a little more adventurous than they may have thought is by bringing in a fun and interesting instrument you’ve been playing. You can be a little more adventurous in your music choices as well, which can be a great icebreaker!

Make plans that you both enjoy

If you both like to go dancing or to the movies, that’s a good date idea! If neither of you are into those things, find something you’re both interested in and go do it. Be sure to talk to your partner beforehand to find out what they like and what kind of activities they’d like to do. You can even go shopping together! When you’re trying to impress your date, don’t forget that they like to shop too!

first date advice for ladies reddit

Find activities that you both enjoy doing and make time for them

Whether you both love to hike, go dancing, or watch a fun movie, find ways to incorporate activities that you both enjoy into your schedule. Not only will you be more likely to want to continue going to these activities, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to get closer to each other.

Schedule activities that you both enjoy

If you’re both new to dating, scheduling activities can help you feel more comfortable around each other—and it can also help you plan out a weekend date or evening. Try something that you both might have been interested in if you knew each other before, like scuba diving or rock climbing, or something a little more fun, like laser tag or miniature golf. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you both feel comfortable and relaxed while doing it.

Talk with your spouse about your plans for activities

There’s no better way to gauge how compatible you are with your partner than to talk to them about your plans for the evening. Ask questions about their interests and what activities they would like to do. This will help you learn more about each other and see if you have shared interests.

Don’t worry about how you look

We all have insecurities and what you may think looks amazing on you, may not be what your date is looking for. The most important thing is to be genuine and authentic to yourself and never let anyone change that. If you feel good about how you look, you will be more confident and that will shine through to your date.

first date advice for ladies reddit

Don’t worry about your body type

We all have different body types. Your weight, chest size, height or hair color don’t define you. What matters most is how you feel about yourself. If you love and appreciate yourself, that’s all that matters. Your outside appearance should reflect that.

Don’t compare yourself to others

We all have different body types, and no two people look exactly the same. If you feel like you’re not quite like the other girls or guys you’ve gone out with, you probably aren’t. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your partner is unique and special and deserves to be treated as such.

Don’t worry about your weight

If you worry about your weight, it will show in your body language and affect the way you feel and talk to people. Just as important, our culture puts so much pressure on women to be a certain size that it’s almost like a job, and it can cause us to stress about losing weight. Your body is perfect just the way it is and you shouldn’t stress about it!

Be kind to yourself

It’s easy to spend too much time thinking about what other people think of you or how you look and not enough time working on being the best person you can be. Before you hop online and look through images of “how to look” or “how to dress” to prepare for your first date, remember that you are unique and beautiful just the way you are.

In conclusion, if you follow these first date tips for ladies, you should have no problem nailing that first date and ensuring yourself a second. Just remember to relax, be yourself, and go with the flow. And most importantly, have fun!