Dating Tips From Women: How To Get The Girl You Want

Dating tips from women can be a gold mine if you know where to find them. There are plenty of sources that dish out dating advice, but most of it is geared towards men. What if you want to hear advice directly from the source? In this blog post, we’ll be giving you dating tips from women, so you can learn how to get the girl you want. After all, who better to give advice on dating than those who are successful at it?If you’re interested in learning more about how to get the girl you want, then be sure to check out the rest of this article. We’ll be discussing everything from what to say to a girl you’re interested in, to how to make a good first impression. So, if you’re ready to learn some dating tips from women, then let’s get started.

Learn about all the things she likes

As I said earlier, no woman likes to be in a relationship where her partner doesn’t know or understand her, so learn about all the things your girl likes and dislikes. For example, if she’s a fan of certain music, then take a few minutes to look up some of her favorite artists and learn the songs she likes to listen to. Maybe she loves to shop, so learn about her favorite stores and brands and take her shopping for some new outfits. Whatever your girl likes, learn about it and make sure that you show her how much you care.


If she says she loves to cook, don’t just take that at face value. You need to find out how she personally feels about cooking. Ask her questions about her childhood and her relationship with food. You want to know if she was ever a picky eater or if she always loved to cook. Then, the next time she cooks, talk to her about her techniques and what makes her food delicious. Don’t just jump into the kitchen and start cooking without first asking her what she likes. The more she talks about food, the more interested she’ll be in your cooking.


One of the best ways to date a girl is to travel together. You can take her to different places and show her how much you care about her by helping her out with her sightseeing. If she likes to travel too, then she will definitely find traveling with you fun and exciting. If she is not that into traveling, she will probably appreciate your efforts of trying to make her feel comfortable when she goes on vacation with you.

Video Games

Video games can be a great way to learn more about a person, especially if you’re not sure if you like them. If you want to learn more about your date and see if you really have things in common, try a few video games together. You can talk about what you like and dislike about the game and find out more about how they feel about the same things.


If she likes the outdoors and camping, she’s definitely a girl after your own heart! It can be fun to go camping with a new love interest, whether you’re just getting to know one another or you’re already in a serious relationship. Plus, the romantic setting of a campground is just perfect for getting close to your partner in a different way than you would at your apartment. Try to find a place that offers activities you can do together (like hiking and canoeing), and be sure to bring plenty of blankets and pillows so you can snuggle up under the stars.

Be open to new experiences

We all like to think we have a good sense of what we want and what we’re comfortable with, but it’s important to not get stuck in a routine of only doing things you know you like. Try new activities that are outside your comfort zone, and you just might discover something you actually love! You might even stumble upon that perfect partner who shares your love of that new hobby.

Dating Tips From Women

Try Something New

You’re more likely to try something new if you know you can trust your partner to keep an open mind and not judge you. That means not pressuring you to do things you aren’t comfortable doing, and always keeping in mind that you may like something you originally thought was boring. The more open you are to trying new things, the more adventurous you will be in bed. And if there’s one thing sex can do, it can make you adventurous!

Don’T Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you want to make a connection with someone, you have to show that you’re interested in learning more about them. So, be willing to ask questions. Ask questions about their hobbies, what they love about their job, or about any other topic that comes up during the conversation. The more you talk, the more you’ll get to know each other, and the more comfortable you’ll feel around each other. And the better you feel around them, the more interested you’ll be in them as a person.

Be Open To Change

Sometimes change is good, especially when it’s for the better. Being open to new experiences is great, but not to the point where you’re willing to change for anyone. You need to be able to stick by your convictions and beliefs, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. If someone tells you that you need to change your beliefs in order to date them, that’s not what you should be looking for.

Don’t talk too much

If you want to meet girls who are interested in getting to know you better, then don’t talk too much. This doesn’t mean you should be a wallflower. Instead, be aware of how much you say and how you say it. Ask questions and learn about other people. And never talk just to fill space or be charming. Take time to listen and learn about others so you can have meaningful conversations.

Dating Tips From Women

No One Wants To Hear All About Your Vacation Or How Much You Love Your Cat

No matter what you’re into or how much you love it, if it has absolutely nothing to do with attraction or getting a date, don’t talk about it. Your date is not interested in your personal life and definitely not in how much you love your dog. There is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing your hobbies, but talk about them in the context of how they make you feel or how you plan to use them to meet people.

Keep It Short And Sweet

The biggest mistake guys make is talking too much. When you talk too much about yourself, you give your date all the control over the conversation. If you want to get things going, learn how to keep your thoughts to yourself and let her do the same. A great way to do this is to practice the art of storytelling. Tell a story about something that happened to you recently or something you witnessed. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to keep your thoughts to yourself. Plus, your story will seem more genuine and interesting.

Avoid Rambling

The most common mistake that women make when they talk to guys online is they talk too much. If you are not good at keeping a conversation under control, that is a sign of insecurity. When you talk too much, you lose your listener’s attention, and you also end up boring them. So, to stop yourself from babbling, learn to keep your mouth shut and wait for the other person to talk. Your words will have more impact.

Be generous

The next step in showing a woman you’re interested is being generous. Just because girls are picky doesn’t mean guys have it easy. Women on the other hand can be choosy as well and even expect guys to be. And it’s not just about money. A woman knows she can find amazing guys who love her for her personality and charm, not her bank account balance. That’s why being generous is so important to girls.

Dating Tips From Women

Write Thoughtful Reviews

If you’re planning to use online dating, reviews are a great way to show people you’re an authentic person who cares about others opinions. When you leave a positive review for someone, it lets the person know that you care about how they feel and that you value their service. Plus, it shows the person who wrote the review that you’ve been paying attention to their business, which can help them build a relationship with you.

Recommend Products You Love

One way to show women you’re interested is by providing recommendations for products that you use. You can do this by writing a shopping guide for your partner or by writing a list of items you want to try together. This is especially helpful when your partners are big on trying new things and want to experience everything the world has to offer, whether it’s food, travel, books or other hobbies.

Share Links To Online Content

You can show your interest in them if you share links to their online content, like a YouTube video or website they’re promoting. By doing so, you show that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying and what they’re sharing, which shows them that you’re interested in them as a person. Plus, if you comment on their post, it shows that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying.

Answer Support Questions

If she asks you questions about how you feel or what you’re looking for, answer them thoughtfully and sincerely. Never answer a question with a one-word answer or a joke, and never answer a question with a question. Your answer should be thoughtful and genuine, and demonstrate that you care about her and her feelings.

Answer Google Review Questions

Are you the type of guy who loves to jump online and answer other people’s questions about your dating service or venue? Well, so are women! Have you ever answered a question about your business on Google? If you have, then you definitely know how important it is to respond to each and every review. When people leave a review, they are showing others that they had a positive experience with your service or venue. If you ignore these reviews, you might end up with a few negative reviews floating around. Needless to say, that will definitely be a turnoff for potential customers. When responding to reviews, always be nice. Remember that you can still have a strong opinion about the service you have received, but make sure that you respond in a positive and caring way.

In conclusion, if you want to get the girl you want, following these dating tips from women will definitely help you. Just remember to be confident, be yourself, and be respectful. Good luck!